Fire Damage Restoration

fire damage restoration fire damage restoration fire damage restoration

Fire Damage Restoration

Few things are as devastating to your home and family as a fire. However, despite the overwhelming damage and emotional toll, a structure fire does not have to necessarily equal a total loss. With the help of the professional fire restoration team at Integrity Restoration and Reconstruction. you can slowly but surely overcome the setback of a fire disaster. Our fire damage restoration specialists will help you to minimize your losses and revitalize your home by providing expert fire/water restoration services.

Fire damage restoration is most effective when performed as soon as possible following the fire to prevent additional damage from water and soot. Integrity Restoration and Reconstruction provides 24-hour emergency services, so if you have experienced fire damage, call us right away! Our fire damage restoration experts will conduct a thorough evaluation of the damage to your property by taking a visual assessment of the damage’s extent and using professional moisture-sensing equipment; for insurance purposes, all of our findings will be thoroughly documented. Based on the results of this evaluation, we will create a customized strategy for fire damage restoration, which we will review with you for your approval. Integrity Restoration and Reconstruction will work to stabilize, sanitize, and restore your property as thoroughly as possible. You can expect us to:

• Dry the structure via water extraction
• Remove soot stains
• Sanitize all affected areas
• Deodorize all affected materials
• Eliminate smoke smell from building

In addition, our professionals are available to provide complete duct cleaning services to eliminate any remaining risk of contamination from smoke and soot. For your convenience, we’re happy to work with your insurance company—you don’t have to worry about the paper work and we’ll bill the company directly. Large volumes of water used to extinguish the fire can often lead to serious mold issues, so we use our experience and skill to conduct comprehensive testing for mold and other contaminants. Your one-stop resource for mold remediation, fire restoration, and so much more, Integrity Restoration and Reconstruction is available to take the hassle and stress out of the fire’s aftermath.

Dealing with fire damage restoration can be distressing, to say the least. If you are in need of fire damage restoration, let the professionals at Integrity Restoration and Reconstruction put our expertise to work for you. We will work diligently to restore your home to its previous condition, alleviating your anxiety as much as possible. For more information about fire and water restoration Orange County or Riverside County, contact us today.